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Olafur Thordarson. Furniture-Art. Klisanin Ross. Skuli Sverrisson. Music For Furniture. Hjalti Karlsson. Joe Chow.

Retrospective at the Klisanin Ross Gallery, New York City

June 18th - July 13th 1999

© 1999  copyright note

photo : Blanche Mackey

Street view from Second Avenue, L to R : Double Faced Worm Shelf oil
painting, Belg-lamp, Fumoso Cabinet, Double Faced Worm Shelf, Cabinet
with a window ...

Music for Furniture
by Skuli Sverrisson
Composition in constant (random) change during the whole month.



photo : Blanche Mackey

Lamps are taller than people, and seem
to hover above the floor of the space. These
elements attempt to suspend gravity and
add to the scale distortion and spatial
dynamics of the exhibit.
L to R : Fungi and Tulip Lamps, Concrete Menorah,
Fall lamp (cuccoon), 365 Iceland paintings,
Snaefellsnes seat island, Cabinet with a window ...



photo : Blanche Mackey

The exhibit was designed to create an ambient world of furniture and art. This
world is composed of the various individual works that link with each other
by material, color, construction, form and sound. Sverrisson composed the music
specifically for this furniture.
L to R : Fungi Lamp, Fall lamp (cuccoon), 365 Iceland paintings, Delirium Tremens wine racks (sm and
med), Double Faced Worm Shelf, Large Delirium Tremens Wine Rack, Worm in Wood Shelf, 2000 Clocks.



photo : Blanche Mackey

The materials are varied, and range from
cast concrete to metal to wood, resin,
gauze and leaves from New York City parks.
Towards the center is a cast concrete Menorah,
commissioned by The Art Director's Club in 1998.
L to R : Fungi and Tulip Lamps, Concrete Menorah, Fall lamps.


Exhibited work  :

Slides show with various architectural design, urban design, artwork and furniture design
2000 Wall clocks, 1995
Architectural relief in plaster, 1989
Belg-lamp, 1990-1991
Cabinet with a window and two drawers, 1994
Concrete Menorah, 1998
Double faced worm shelf, 1991
Delirium Tremens wine racks, 1990-
Dog cabinet, 1992
Escargot clocks, 1997-1998
Faces in the mud, plaster slumps, 1989
Fall lamps, 1993/1994/1997
Fumoso Cabinet, 1996-1997
Grafarholt, urban design master plan, 1996
How is the weather. 365 Oil paintings, 1997
Prototype drinking cup, 1993
Snaefellsnes and Reykjanes table/seats, 1991
Tilting shelf, relief, 1994
Tulip and Fungi Lamps, 1991-
Vertical city, concept model, 1990
Worm in Wood shelf, 1995
Accidental Ashtray, 1989

photo : Blanche Mackey
L to R : 2000 Clocks, Escargot clocks, Worm in Wood Shelf, Tulip and
Fungi Lamps and Dog cabinet, framed in a view through the Double Faced Worm Shelf

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All exhibit concepts, layout and exhibit design by Olafur Thordarson.
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Big thanks to :
Skuli Sverrisson for collaborating with his brilliant soundtrack.
Donna Fumoso for work on the exhibit.
Melisca Klisanin and Christopher Ross for offering the space.
Filmmaker Joe Chow  for the video creation on the opening and exhibit with interviews.
Blanche Mackey for photography. Hjalti Karlsson for the poster/invite design. 
Thorhallur Johannesson/Litrof for the poster printing.

Also thanks to :
Michael Graves of Toc Design,
Halldora Hjaltadottir, ̃ordur Olafsson, Bo Jacobsson, Francine Leclercq, Ali Soltani,
Daniel Harper and Paul Johnson.

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For further information e-mail to: olafur at dingaling.net

© 1999  copyright note  Photographs may not be copied or reproduced without
written authorisation by Blanche Mackey ©1999 and/or Olafur Thordarson