olafur thordarson avalanche article

1995 commentary on current avalche prone areas in Iceland

After a series of avalanches crushed through towns in east Iceland in the late 70's, Thordarson starting working on concepts relating to housing in avalanche prone areas. A portion of his design portfolio from that time shows concepts for avalanche resistant housing. Thordarson wrote the article above as a response to a large deadly avalanche that hit the northern town of Sudavik, mid January 1995. There had been no dialogue regarding the inadequate urban planning procedures and housing type regulations for these areas.  Above are his commentary article and statements on problematic conditions in the design of urban- and architectural structures in avalanche prone areas in Iceland. Published in Morgunblašiš, Reykjavik, Iceland. March 19, 1995. Included is his model of a building prototype, a portion of his studies.

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