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The city of Reykjavík, Iceland, opened a competition for its bore hole covers around the city, submitted in early 1991. The geothermal bore holes are each equipped with a hot water pump. The proposal shown below was for an aluminum structure, to be prefabricated in a shop and assembled on-site in 3 parts. It is an expression of these sort of submerged activities that are a life-line for the Icelandic society, where bore-holes supply abundant geothermal water to heat up cities within the country. It is part- building, part sculpture, expressing the importance of WWII machinery and the industrial complex as an  inseparable influence upon the modern life on the North Atlantic island.

Exploded axonometric of design; roof plan and images.


Side elevation. The doorway is on the left end. The roof is a cap that can be opened in part or hoisted off for servicing.



Floor plan of the structure. The streamlining is a result of the programmatic requirements, with workspace around the pump and waterpipe, and entry at the farthest point away from the pump.



Model, view from the side



Model showing the roof cap off


Model showing the entire structure disassembled




This project was worked in New York City in 1990, all design work by Olafur Thordarson. Misc. assistance: Hjalti Karlsson.


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