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project for an olympic swimming pool, 1998

Olympic size indoor pool in Reykjavik Iceland

Exterior Elevations. (Top to Bottom) North, South, West




Site Plan
Much used outdoor pools surrounded by empty urban areas. Project required integrating new indoor pool to existing complex. New building is a curved line on bottom half of complex, proposed craterfield on right for wind-free sunbathing on those almost 60 degree HOT days in Iceland, see below.

Design for an exterior sun-bathing area in a grass crater field.


Ground Floor Plan of complex
New building on bottom of plan is an addition to the existing pool complex. First portion on north side was built in 1960's, second addition slanting to south-west was built in 1980's. Thordarson's proposal is a snake-like wall wrapping the new pool, facing the old pools and providing a new separate entry to the competition hall.


Ground Floor Plan
Shows the connection to the existing building, and the main pool area with functions under the bleechers. Note how the circulation cuts through the undulating wall and then is wrapped around the perimeter of the structure. Access to the bleechers is from the rear.


2HAED.gif (11836 bytes)

Upper Level Plan (bleechers)
Bleechers surround the pool on three sides, with view towards the existing swimming pool and the old complex. The swimming pool can be divided up for various functional changes. For example during the day it can be used for school classes by closing into two halves.

Interior sketches

Roof plan
The undulating wall structure carries a translucent tensile roof.


Looking towards the building thru existing overhead bridge.

New entry with framed views thru building.




All design work and drawings made by Olafur Thordarson. AutoCad, color pencil renderings and line ink drawings.

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